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off the roads in this area. that is essex off of folsom here and they say they're going to block all four lanes right there because they want to sort of assess the damage of what happened. but we want to show you some video that we shot earlier. you can get a look at that gushing water at least 40 feet high is what we're told. and about 1,000 -- tens of thousands of gallons of water that had come out of that break. now, from what we could see, that car knocked the hydrant completely out. we heard reports this started just before 4 a.m. this morning. san francisco police told us officers were trying to pull over this car at 4th and howard for a minor traffic vial violation. the driver fled and hit the hydrant. they took the driver into custody. we are unsure if the driver sustained any injuries. police still on scene. we know that san francisco fire is still on scene. what i was told by one of the firefighters is that they are waiting for a contractor to come and assess the safety of that building because we know that that gushing water caused some structural damage to the scaffolding
and keeps going until he gets to he is section and -- essex and folsom. i want to give you a look because you can see san francisco police are in the process of shutting down essex street. now the water has been shut off and we showed you that in the last half hour but there is a new problem. if we pan over here, take a look at the construction site. you can see the scaffolding is compromised with some of the metal beams going down. the firefighter said he is not sure if that is stable or if that structure is compromised so if they can get the construction guys out here to make sure that it's not about to fall, they have shut down this street and they don't know when it will reopen. let me show you video from when all of this happened because there was quite a mess out here. it was shotting an estimated 30 feet in the air and 50,000 gallons came out before they were able to shut it off. again it started with a driver running through a red light and that's what police are telling ktvu channel 2 morning news. it started when this driver tried to turn on to essex and folsom and crashed into
if the driver sustained any injuries. back out live, essex street off folsom is blocked. if you are going to the bay bridge, you have to find a different route. a firefighter said that they are going to assess the safety of that scaffolding and once they find out it is safe they will reopen these roads hopefully that can be soon. reporting live in san francisco, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >>> an on-ramp to the bay bridge is closed not making many morning commuters happy. >> no. not at all. if you are trying to access the lower deck of the bay bridge it's blocked off because of the accident. use 1st instead. the good news it's the noncommute direction so hopefully traffic won't be too busy on the lower deck of the bay bridge at the skyway. we are taking a live look at the area there off the freeway. traffic extra volume on that westbound side coming off the upper deck of the bay bridge. no metering lights though as you work your way towards the toll plaza. elsewhere, if you are trying to take bart or ace, everything is right on time. caltrain, ferries looking good. muni no major delays yet so b
street at essex a car hit a hydrant, spewing water everywhere affecting the ramp to eastbound bay bridge you cannot use that ramp to the eastbound bay bridge until they get water stopped. eastbound carquinez bridge roadwork until 8:00, affecting three lanes there. >>> 5:10. >> next, big milestone construction of the new 49er stadium reaches today. >>> driving perk for california lawmakers, not before some passed the buck to taxpayers. >>> first, this morning's america's money report. >>> good morning. mega bank lay-offs, city group announced plans to -- citigroup announced plans to slash 11,000 jobs, wall street had a good day, dow rose 82 points yesterday to close above 13,000. investors appeared optimistic after avoiding the fiscal cliff after the president suggested a deal could be reached in a week. government issues new warning about reverse mortgages that give seniors immediate cash payment in exchange for future equity. today the obama administration will recommend seniors be careful before signing one. new starbucks likely coming to a neighborhood near you, planning to open 1500
, claudine? >> reporter: we are on essex and folsom and police say they did not chase the suspect but he did fail to yield and you can see the car hooked up to the tow truck. this is the essex street on ramp and folsom street shut down so if you take a look to where the orange cones are post -- orange cones are posted. until just a few minutes ago, water was shotting through the air and flooding through this intersection. at this point, the situation is now that they are towing the car in front of this. the subject has been taken to the hospital and we don't know the extent of his injuries, this all started as what seemed like a very basic traffic stop. they were trying to turn on police think they were trying to turn on to the freeway and lost control and hit a fire hydrant. they are cleaning up and getting the water turned off was a big deal, we were having trouble finding the correct access points to get it turned off. we continue to monitor the situation and we will be back coming up on the morning news. ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> claudine, thank you. >>> john mcphee is no longer on
a fire hydrant at folsom and essex near the onramp to the bay bridge. claudine wong is out there. are they getting close to reopening it yet, claudine? >> reporter: well, close, probably not but they are doing some important work right now. within the last half-hour since we last checked in with you, the crews for this scaffolding company have started to arrive. once the bus gets out of the way, you can see the work they are doing. what they told me they need to do is repair the collapsed bottom part of the scaffolding. once they do that -- and that could take a while -- then they will test it to make sure it is safe. if you pan across essex, you can see the entire area is shut down. that's because the fire department is out there. if there's any question about the structural integrity. this is entrance to the bay bridge. traffic at this point, just has to go around. let me show you video from this morning. it was about 3:0 that a san francisco police officer try -- 3:30 that a san francisco police officer tried to stop a vehicle. that vehicle hit the fire hydrant. now, the water
:30 a.m. at essex and folsom after police tried to pull him over for runed a red light. the driver lost control after turning the corner onto essex street which leads to a bay bridge -- to the bay bridge onramp. the driver was injured but the extent of his injuries are not yet known. >>> oakland police are investigating the hit-and-run accident that slightly injured a police officer in the 600 block of washington street. a vehicle hit him and sped off. the officer suffered minor injuries and did not need to go toles hospital. no arrests -- to the hospital. no arrests have been made in the case. >>> it's crab season. but local fishermen's boats are not budging from the docks. it's all because of a price war over crab. tara moriarty joins us live from the newsroom to explain what is making the strike worse. good afternoon, tara. >> reporter: good afternoon. more than 100 local crab fisher boats have not left the harbor but some oregon fishermen is hate hitting the -- are feeling the pinch. one boat offloading was from oregon. before thanksgiving, fishermen were earning $3 a pound and dema
of a traffic stop accident in san francisco, it smashed a fire hydrant and -- and shut down essex street. you can see this is near the on ramp to the bay bridge happening right now. it shut down because water from a busted fire hydrants damage -- hydrant damaged scaffolding. a -- police were trying to pull over a man for being suspected of driving under the influence. that intersection will be closed until all of the damage particularly to that scaffolding is deemed safe. >>> in the meantime, a hit-and- run driver in the south bay, the victim of that incident has died from his injuries. jeanine della vega is at the intersection where all of this happened. gored morning jeanine -- good morning, jeanine. >> reporter: this is where the accident happened. this gas station here, fast food and a wall greens, there are lots of things here and police were here until 1:00 a.m. investigating. what we know is a man was crossing the intersection at 5:45 when police say he was hit by a dark banner suv. that vehicle stopped kept traveling southbound and the man was rushed to the hospital where he died late
at essex police activity has ramp to eastbound about blocked off that will be for some time while that investigation is underway. >>> i had is -- it is -- it is raiders day. we'll go inside the coliseum to reveal the huge amount of food it takes to kill fans filled up. >> -- takes to keep fans filled up. >>> -- >>> good morning. got it all covered with temperatures that are three to eight degrees cooler than yesterday still mild low to mid 50s when you step out now be prepared for the mist and dampness in the air by the around partly cloudy and low to mid 60s could be a few upper 50s along the coast for cool spots gets warmer and drier from here on out low 60s mainly sunny tomorrow high clouds and sunshine low to mid 60s saturday, sunny and seasonal mid 60s sunday. >>> 6:13. >> as we've been telling you all morning it is raiders day here. tonight raiders take on manning and broncos up >> capacity 63,000. larry biel shows us that's a lot of people, a lot of mouths to feed. >> reporter: fans will fill the coliseum and root for the silver and black but not on an empty stomach. offici
essex are just hearing about a police chase....that happened on their street thursday evening: arrested? a bloody michael jabaath...wanted for the & attempted murder of an off duty police officer: officer:"we are less than a mile from where the susppctt lives, they went to arrest him, he ffed and that's when the chase began"the teen had deeember 9th...overlea...3:30 in the morning...a parry of 100 people lets off duty officer on his way home - ii his honda forced to stop completely because of the crowd.police say someone yelled that he had a gun ii the car...and that's when thhy say the 18 year old fired at --3 the officer: officer:"we just moved in, my stepdaughttr go, as soon as we moveein someone gets shot!" shot!"" i can't imagine just shooting someone on the street, but people are crazy" 3 wasted mind"tonight a een is pn jjal...and an offfcer who had only been oo the force for 4 recovvring: rrcoverrng:"he needs help, he needs help" help""it'' going tt be a decision he reggetssthe rest of his llfe" -3 3 whee i
. essex street on-ramp to the bay bridge will open a few hours later. >>> local fishing boats tied up instead of collecting a delicacy, result of a price war. some crab are still being snatched out of the water. local fishermen are feeling steamed. amy hollyfield is live with details. >> reporter: good morning you can see the san francisco boats behind me tied up, no movement from them today. the blue and gold boat is causing problems. during a wrinkle into the local negotiations. san francisco crab fishermen sat and watched this morning as a load of crab came in on a boat visiting from oregon. >> when we tie-up we hope we all stan together so we can get a price that is -- all stand together so we can get a price that is fair to everybody. when you see somebody doing something like this it does hurt. >> reporter: the san francisco crews have decided not to fish since the price of crab dropped they were getting $3 a upon before thanksgiving now $2.75. the owner of the visit ing -- visiting boat says he has a business to run. >> if you are not from town and fish you are a no good sob. >
compromised the stability of nearby scaffolding. the driver is in custody. essex street on-ramp to the bay bridge will open a few hours later. >>> local fishing boats tied up instead of collecting a delicacy, result of a price war. some crab are still being snatched out of the water. local fishermen are feeling steamed. amy hollyfield is live with details. >> reporter: good morning you can see the san francisco boats behind me tied up, no movement from them today. the blue and gold boat is causing problems. during a wrinkle into the local negotiations. san francisco crab fishermen sat and watched this morning as a load of crab came in on a boat visiting from oregon. >> when we tie-up we hope we all stan together so we can get a price that is -- all stand together so we can get a price that is fair to everybody. when you see somebody doing something like this it does hurt. >> reporter: the san francisco crews have decided not to fish since the price of crab dropped they were getting $3 a upon before thanksgiving now $2.75. the owner of the visit ing -- visiting boat says he has a business t
a couple in essex, vermont, four in washington state and one more on the east coast with a body hidden in new york. and he told agents something they'd never heard before. that he left kill kits or caches, buried in several states, filled with everything he'd need to commit a murder. they were in waterproof containers and included guns and different things he could use to dispose of bodies. his strategy, to grab people in remote locations, like parks, campgrounds, even cemeteries. >> every serial killer, including, i believe, mr. keyes, are not crazy. you cannot be that organized and deliberate and fit any legal definition of insanity. >> you might not get exactly -- not as much to choose from, in a matter of speaking, but -- there's always no witnesses, really, there's nobody else around. >> reporter: investigators say keyes is a text book serial killer. like others in the past, he took pleasure in the act of taking a life. >> he talked about the rush that he got out of it. the adrenaline and kind of the high from doing it and i think, unfortunately, i think he enjoyed what he was doi
tomorrow, but, you note some sunshine coming back from catonsville, back up there hunts valley and essex. here's our band of showers, a little snow on the back side of northern ohio. it is the leading edge of some much cooler air. hit and mills showers overnight. peak rain coming in toward midnight. the roads could be damp. through the day sunshine breaking out. i don't think this will be quite this clear. we'll call this partly cloudy with some sun breaking through at times. that will be a welcome site. interesting has we go further out into wednesday a band of showers developing off the coast. wednesday, though, may cloud up on us. you see the contrast in temperatures. that mild air flowing off the east coast, unseasonably mild air. the cold air knocking on the door from the west. only in the 20s in des moines, iowa. chicagoland barely above freezing. it's sparking that rain and then through the day tomorrow temperatures struggling to get out of the mid-40s. dress warmer tomorrow except for a cool change. the same deal on wednesday a day where it will be tough to get very far out of th
about 47 degrees and in hunt valley. 48 and essex. we see the temperatures over into hartford county at 36 in bel air and 47 and 48. let's get a check of the two time saver traffic. good morning. >>> we're dealing with the rain and sleet right now in frederick and hagerstown. be careful traveling there. and nice and clear. no problems from york road down to the beltway and 695, the east side along. no problems all the bay up to 83. as we -- all the way up to 83. and the drive times you will notice the beltway in great shape. it will take you the normal 11 minutes now traveling the outer loop from 795 down to 59. everything is up to speed through the tunnel. traveling northbound all the way to the toll plaza. over to you. >>> so you are at home hanging out with the family over pizza and you get a call from the white house. it could happen. >> that's what happened to a woman after one of her works of art is chosen for an honor. she is heading to washington, dc. what that is all about. you ever notice that some people just have a knack for giving the perfect gift? they put real thought
, this is all how the clouds will hold. essex about 48. and howard county, temperatures in the upper 40s or 52 toward laurel. to the west, a few showers all right breaking up. so things will get a little more unsettled tomorrow. more clouds in the air y. some light hit and miss showers. an unsettled pattern developing. by late tomorrow evening, rain down to the beaches and saturday, some clearing and some milder air sweeps in. we, if we get enough sunshine, may get above 60 on saturday. so back an forth we go. sharp temperature divide. this mild air going to move in part of the weekend, but may go back south sunday. so sunday, we may not maintain the mild pattern we will see saturday. unsettled weather to the west. this frontal boundary will slide in our direction and it will mean hit an miss showers over the weekend and temperatures will be late tough to call. overnight tonight. cold 30. tomorrow, pushing 50. south, columbia, it could be 50. tomorrow, 42. mostly cloudy. any showers we see tomorrow should taper off tomorrow night. saturday looks dry to start us off. and then, upper 50s on sun
at the inner harbor and essex at 66 northeast coming in at 66. and along the eastern shore, up and flattened my abs right up. i have no tummy anymore. i have a flat stomach. >> the cami shaper is going to change the way you think about shapewear. it's not just for special occasions anymore.ose dresses, those tops, those pants that you stay away from because they don't quite fit. >> my pants and my shirts fit better than they ever have. i feel like i've lost two sizes off ofmo seasonable and then thursday and friday, it looks awesome. and temperatures a little bit above average. but lots of sunshine in have th let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook good morning. dense fog out there this morning. >> reporter: yes, fog is going to be the main concern on the roads this morning. it's a problem across the region. so you want to take it slow this morning. turn on the low beams so you can see more of the road and less of the fog. and if you are traveling on 95, no problems to report in howard county. it's going to take you just 13 minutes to travel northbound from columbia all the way
and howard and the driver crashed at folsom and essex. the driver was taken into custody. we aren't sure if that driver sustained any injuries. earlier on footage we were able to see the driver being taken away in some kind of neck brace. we aren't sure about the status of that driver at this point in time. but we had unconfirmed reports that that car over there in that corner is actually a rental car so we don't know where the driver is from. we hope to get more information. i think my photographer made a good point, hopefully that driver had insurance. it appears the car is a complete loss with all that water damage. the car was under water for a half hour. that's all we have from here. live in san francisco, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >>> a deadly fire is under investigation in san francisco this morning. one person was killed in the fire in the ingleside heights neighborhood. it started about 8:30 last night on saint charles avenue and the fire was put out in less than 25 minutes and the victim was discovered. >>> deputies are investigating pleasant hill's second homicide of the year. no
and essex. apparently the man didn't stop as police tried to pull him over. he was taken to the hospital and then arrested. >>> oakland has failed to reform its police department. even though it worked out a deal avoid a full federal takeover, it has become the first in the nation to surrender part of its command to a court-appointed compliance director. cbs 5 reporter da lin on what happens next. >> that agreement in my opinion is going to be absolutely worse for the oakland police department to be able to function. >> reporter: oakland mayor jean quan and police chief howard jordan did not want to talk about the partial federal takeover. but councilman ignacio de la fuente says the arrangement creates too many restrictions on police officers to fight crime. >> police got have the ability to use what they learn in order to identify people before they commit crimes. >> reporter: the compliance director would be able to punish and fire the police chief and the command staff. civil rights attorney john burris says that person is basically the chief of the police chief. >> this is a game ch
slammed into a fire hydrant in aing about on folsom an essex streets this morning. the crash and some gushing water blocked the intersection for hours. they got the hydrant fix but still some issues out there. >>> a new dispute over prices are keeping crab boats in the harbor in the bay. they were getting $3 a pound but demand dropped and fish brokers want to cut the price down to $1.80. so some issues there. got your traffic and weather, sunshine on the way, coming up right after the break. >>> good morning. brake lights at the peninsula northbound 280 at 92 getting word of an accident in lanes south of there through san jose northbound loaded up as well 101. >> starting out with low clouds and fog around the bay area today but it is staying dry outside. looks like it will be that way all day. these skies are going to start to part heading toward the afternoon no threat of rain in fact no rain for a while. temperatures in the 50s and 60s this afternoon. next couple of days dry weather. warming up sunday and monday. captions by: caption colorado
at washington still has downed wires an accident at liberty road and essex ave. it is moving well at the fort mchenry tunnel. on the north side, you are at 55 miles per hour. jfx is 40 miles per hour, 50 at sandy point and light volume into the toll plaza, no delays, hour drive times are looking good on the inner and outer loop. >> a little chilly to start the day because we have the upper 20's across the metro area but it will feel better in the afternoon with much less the wind and a little bit of sunshine with temperatures 41- 45. for tonight, we drop down into the 30's in many areas it is chilly but that is to be expected for the first morning of january with mostly cloudy skies and a sprinkle or flurry as possible. it should be mostly dry and we're watching a new storm system with the rain/snow mx. we will watch out for this on new year's day which is only a 30% chance. nothing should accumulate on the roads. the high temperature to more will be 42 degrees. near 40 for the rest of the week. for now, things are looking quiet. morni morning, the 31st of december, 2012. we here are still a
arrived early. everybody knows what they are. >> that's great. >> it is in essex. >> reporter: okay . all right. let's talk about the hours and when people can come by. >> we're open every weekday from 6:00 to 9:00 and weekend noon through 9:00, every day through january 6th except christmas. we're having a cash raffle that you can buy tickets for. the first prize is $1,000. it's $1 a ticket. >> reporter: kids 7 and younger get in free. >> that's correct. >> reporter: >> reporter: if you don't think -- >> reporter: if you don't think people love this train garden, by the holidays, 30,000 people will come through this check this out. come on by. gentleman, thank you so much. have a great day guys. see you. >> ron, we're going to be doing train gardens all week long, correct? >> reporter: that is correct. train garden week on the morning edition. >> out of sight. thanks. your son is now of the age. have you taken him to a train garden yet? >> yes. everything is c choo-choo chen. i feel like we should wake him up early he can watch. >> that's why god invented the dvr. >> yeah. >>> le
lladers know-- after early- semester essex, paul gessler, fox45 news at ten. &ptown hall the first... - of.. two... this year. 3 completely... muscle... / might... keep áyouá... out of not for ravens....linebackee ray lewis. lewis. sports deirector bruce cunningham has more on the team legend's earlier- than- bruce?.rry lewis has done a lot of amazing things in hiss 17 seasons with theeravens..., &pyou learn noo to be surprised by what he can do...but this time he may have outdone himself poday, barely more than 77 weeks after surrery to repair a torr triceps,ray lewis was back on the practice field... he's been rehabbing since last week, and is not eligible to actuallyplayyin a game until next sunday, when the ravens will host denvee...llwis didd nnt speak with reporters, but did issue a statement saying the focus ssould be nsunday's game with the redskins, not him..his boss spokeefor him... we'll see about the injury. what he's done, i think, or at all... what he's done to - come througg the injury, he's rehab... to watch how hard and painful that is,
:00 this morning. it happened on the corner of fall some and essex streets following a chase that started when the driver failed to yield. police are investigating the incident as a possible d u i. >> the local police force will not be subject to a federal takeover. oakland mayor jean quan and police chief howard jordan announced the agreement yesterday periods both sides have agreed to appoint a compliance director to make sure the remaining reforms from riders case are completed. >> the number of people seeking unemployment aid fell sharply last week as a temporary spike caused by super storm sandy has faded. weekly applications have fallen back to a level consistent with a modest hiring. the labor department says applications drop 25,000 last week off to a seasonally adjusted 370,000. >> this will last until the work week and as for tomorrow will have morning fall. it will be dry and warmer into the we can take it a look at the fog he does see pretty widespread and that it will stay over much of the bay area until 10:00 a.m.. into the evening it will start to build along the east bay shore
of this car slammed it into a fire hydrant at folsom and essex. the man didn't stop as police tried to pull him over. he was taken to the hospital and then arrested. >>> the dungeness crab season has hit a snag. local crabbers are refusing to fish for the northern california delicacy because of a new price fight with wholesalers. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec shows us, the solidarity on the docks is being tested. >> strike last year this boat. >> right. >> well, you got go fishing. nobody is making money. >> you got go fishing. >> reporter: tensions are high on pier 45 where a lone crab boat came in this morning. a strike has all of the others docked. >> we're tied up negotiating with the processors. >> reporter: it's a dispute over the price of fresh dungeness crab. wholesalers and fishermen had agreed on $3 a pound at the start of the season in november. but demand went down after thanksgiving. so wholesalers want to pay a quarter to 75 cents less. the crab boat association says no deal. >> there's not that much crab left out there. we took a big whack out of it. so it should be worth as mu
. they were essex experienced. richard being fluent in arabic was able to even while blindfolded and bound all three of them could listen and hear their captors talking. that's how they had a better sense of what was going on. as he described it was was terrifyinging because at sayer times while they were blindfolded they were threatened with which one do you want to be executed, which one will be sacrificed. then they would fire shots in the air and did not know whether one of their colleagues were being shot. so it was a frightening five days. terrifying for them. i have to say very, very frightening for their loved ones and for the circle of people here at nbc in new york who were working around the clock on this. and the state department was doing its best to assist at our request but they basically were blind as we were. we had resources. but we did not hear from richard until our time, i guess about 5:30 or 6:00 last night which was the first word that he was all right and alive. but then they still had to travel across the boarder and wait important the first flight. it was hours and ve
pole express leaves the station from essex, connecticut and a steam engine, destination, north pole. the trip's highlight? santa. handing each child a tiny keepsake bell. >> it's not too big and not too small. >> it's one of more than 100 varieties made in america since 1832. >> there's no other sound as gorgeous as that sound from our bell. >> the 180-year-old company is behind those vintage good humor truck chimes. salvation army bells. and even the one you can't forget from "it's a wonderful life." >> every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings. last may they fell silent. an apparent lightning strike burned the factory to the ground. >> this is what remains of the last bell maker in america. >> matt bevin is the sixth generation owner. an inferno took down the factory that turned out more than a million bells a year. what was it like when you came here and saw what the fire had done. >> it was like losing a member of the family. >> reporter: a 19th century family and employees who built the business. >> this is the old elevator shaft. probably one of the first elevators ever
essex. their bodies were never found. they found signs of forced entry and struggle and their car was stolen. keyes says their killings was a random act. they may never know the extent of his crimes and victims may never truly know why their loved ones were lost. jenna: rick leventhal, thank you. jon: strange story there. new concerns that the internet may be about to change in a big way. why the united nations could soon impose new rules and why some folks are worried about censorship and a potentials logs of privacy online. >>> plus cinnabon, i'm hungry now, if you ever have one you know is sunfully they are but who big this pastry into a big, big business. we'll talk to a woman who shares a big part of the sweet success story. [ malennouncer ] it's tt time of year again. time for citi price rewind. because your daughter really wants that pink castle thing. and you realldon't want to pay more than you have to. only citi price rewind automatically searches for the lowest price. and if it findone, you get refunded the difference. just use your citi card and register your purchase
a quick break. coming up essex o'clock. a quadruple shooting in oakland last my injures for people which will have live reports coming up. we're also watching the flood levels are around the bay area this morning as to rain is back and we will have a live picture from core take more dear rock creek. plus crews and lafayette are concerned that iran could make the huge seco even worse.
in essex, vermont, four others in washington state, and one more on the east coast, with a body hidden in new york. he told stunned agents, he left kill kits or caches buried in several states, filled with everything he'd need to commit a murder. his strategy to grab his victims in remote locations like parks, campgrounds, even a cemetery. >> you may not get exactly what you're -- not a lot to choose from, in a matter of speaking. but there's no witnesses. really, there's nobody around. >> reporter: portrait of a serial killer. they believe his eight victims are only the tip of the iceberg. >> how long have you been two different people? >> a long time. 14 years. >> reporter: he's done talking now. keyes killed himself with a razor inside his cell on sunday. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> what a story. >>> now, to the latest twist in the controversial utah custody battle. a baby girl was put up for adoption without her soldier father's knowledge or consent. a judge ordered the girl returned to her father. and now, the mother is speaking out in an abc
calm so far. we do have a crash in baltimore county on liberty road at essex road. 695 nice and clear, no delays. if you are traveling up in hunt valley, 83 at sch with wann road, no problems getting to 695. i-95 a live look north of 195, no problems getting to the airport. it will be clear to downtown baltimore. >>> we'll of more news, weather and traffic in a half-hour. back to new york for more of "good morning america." [ cheers and applause ] >>> all right. we have great crowd outside counting down to the new year. the party is already starting in here. >> a little bit. >> ron claiborne, dan abrams, rachel shut. this is the best part. getting to don all this stuff. 13. my new -- the 2013 glasses. >> the better way is to look at your paper as if you're using them. >> nice. top hats and everything going. all afternoon -- it feels like afternoon, right? all morning, jirng zginger zee' up 22 stories tall. i'll never be able to interview again. >> it's like a card game. where you put the card on your head? you have to guess. >> we have d.j. mos spinning us in with some great tunes. th
to be with us. he's leaving dc. because essex panning to the west coast. we're going to talk about that in our 8:00 hour. back to you. >> thank you. >> speaking of food and ingredients, could you lose weight and feel better if you drop one thing from your diet? we'll look at what that is next hour. >> also straight ahead, the debate over gun control. will congress take out the controversial issue and if so, how important will it be on long to do list. we're going to take a closer look. time is 7:57. we'll be right back . [ singing christmas carols in background ] aunt sally's singing again. it's a tradition, honey. [ singing christmas carols ] mmmm. [ female announcer ] make new traditions with pillsbury grands! cinnamon rolls. [ female announcer ] holiday cookies are a big job. everything has to be just right. perfection is in the details. ♪ get to holiday fun faster with pillsbury cookie dough. >>> this is fox 5 morning news. >> back now at 8:00 and looking for answers. as newtown, connecticut lays more children to rest today, investigators are faced with challenges as they try to get some s
the essex get. guest: they have to sign and take an oath when they become members. the ethics regime is probably the most severe and regimented of almost any profession. their entire personal wealth and assets are a matter of public record. they have to find -- file annual financial disclosure forms. their children's and spouse's assets are made transparent. all of their office expenditures are a matter of public record and our online. if they engage in any outside activity, they cannot engage in outside employment. they are limited in terms of the board of directors of charities that they can get involved in. this is more restrictive as a result of the 2007 law. they cannot accept any gifts of any kind from any registered lobbyist. it is so severe that if you have a single member of congress -- let's say a woman was getting married and got an engagement ring from a lobbyist, she would have to get a waiver from the ethics committee to get engaged, to accept the rain. that is how it restricted has gotten in the last five or 10 years. people get a miss-impression because we find one ba
? >> let me read the salem news essex gazette. they were talking about the boston tea party. they applied themselves to the destruction of this commodity in earnest and in the pace of about two hours broke up 342 chests and discharged their contents into the sea. a watch as i am informed was stationed to prevent embezzlement and not a single ounce of tea was suffered to be purloined by the populace. no one stole the tea. they just dumped it. >> you learn that somebody did try to pocket the tea and they were quickly seized and pummeled by the other colonists. >> their editorials make today's columns look like wimps. they used to write really tough editorials. >> this is where partisan propaganda was started. there were patriot and loyalist newspapers back then. that's where you really see the fires start. >> the book is called reporting, the revolutionary war before it was history, it was news. i love that. nice to have you with us. >> thanks for having me, soledad. >> pleasure. >>> end point is up next. if you are one of the millions of men who have used androgel 1%, there's big news. pre
on the corner of folsom essex st. paul into a is the start of the driver failed to yield. >> the number of people seeking unemployment aid fell sharply last week as a temporary spike caused by superstar sandy has faded quickly. >> applications have fallen back to a level consistent with modest hiring. >> dozens of same-sex couples in washington state are trying the best as tying the knot today just hours after the law legalizing gay marriage takes effect. last month nearly 54 percent of voters passed a referendum 74 approving same-sex marriage. >> thank you we're taking it live you from our mount tam cam. we are dealing with fog in that area but he up to widespread low clouds. partly sunny conditions in the afternoon. the drying trend kicking in today and partly cloudy inkle this evening. storm tracker for showing us how widespread the cloud cover is. we're seeing some breaks of sunshine but we will do with a lot of cloud cover and fall in the 10:00 a.m. hour. into the evening it will start to push into the east bayshore off finland valley as well as portions of the south bay. as for yo
directly opposed t as i had talked at the time with james essex who is the director of the lgbt rights project at the aclu and what he said is that you might debate over when you are going to jump in the pool, but once you are in the pool, you are going to swim as hard as you can to get to the other side. >> there is -- >> so now that the court has taken the case, you are not going to hear people even if there are some people who still have some concerns, they are not going to be talking about it very loudly. >> lieutenant governor gavin newsom when he was mayor of san francisco almost opened the flood gate did on this issue is quoted in "the new york times" this morning as saying there is a huge risk here because were the court to rule boom, that doma is definitely constitutional and proposition 8 should be upheld it will set the movement back years and years and years. with any supreme court taking a case like this, there is a risk. >> anytime that you are going to give the supreme court the opportunity to do this, you are taking that risk. but ted olson wa
works and what does not work. my second bill is a new idea. it is called essex all as. it is called save our students. this allows governors to use guards to assist with policemen. we take a successful program and we say that we will add a new purpose. national guard troops can be used to help support local law enforcement agencies in protecting the children and there is school. this may take the form of additional guards as cool as well as capital improvements. that will have to strengthen the safety of the schools. they will remain under the command of the government. >> the national guard has written in their latest manual that they are particularly well-suited for domestic law enforcement support. they stated that it is located in over 3000 communities across the nation. they are experience with supporting neighborhoods. this is a quote from the national guards. this way congress will approve a bill that i do support. they will spend $640 billion on national-- >> this was a live issue from the cumbersome. this is the way for them to go in the wake of the shooting at sandy hooke eleme
this report. >> reporter: the light display is beautiful on essex off wick road near wayne road, not far from metro airport in romulus. the way it was built is equally impressive. >> well, it is christmas and i like christmas. so great nephews, they like lights. so, this is my christmas gift to them. >> reporter: dan taylor is disabled vet. served on the uss enterprise in the navy. dan lost a leg to diabetes but still laid out the entire light show and his neighbors and everyone who drives by seem to love it. >> you talk about super dan here. this man is amazing. he actually has one leg. he has diabetes, bless his heart. he did more with a man with one leg than i have seen a lot of men with like two legs. he has been climbing ladders here at the home. look at it. it is just amazing. my heart fills out. >> reporter: dan somehow gets up and down his ladder and strings lights. he has only display on his block. >> he got one leg. did it with a wheelchair or something. that was so awesome what he did. >> reporter: dan got help from his niece's young sons. the lights also serve as comfort for the f
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